37th Annual Greater Victoria Flower Count

2013 Flower Count[1]
Dates: February 26, 2013 to March 4, 2013
Location: Victoria, BC

The Flower Count is an annual light-hearted promotion sponsored and organized the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, The Butchart Gardens and Tourism Victoria. The goal is to bolster community pride and increase awareness of Greater Victoria as an attractive shoulder-season tourism destination. It brings national and international attention to the fact that Victoria (City of Gardens) has the mildest climate in Canada. While the rest of Canada and much of the US is still in the cold clutches of winter weather, Victoria often enjoys spring temperatures of 10-15° Celsius (up to 60° Fahrenheit).

Community Challenge

Each municipality across Greater Victoria is encouraged to take up the challenge to be the “Bloomingest Community” of the Greater Victoria area! People reporting flower counts will have their number attributed to their community. Whether they live on the Saanich Peninsula or in Sooke, every flower counts, for their own community and for the overall total.

Pansy-DSC_5612[1]For one week in early spring the citizens of Greater Victoria count all the blossoms they can find. The results are then reported to Flower Count Headquarters via the internet at www.flowercount.ca.   As the numbers come in, announcements are sent to local media to inform everyone of the growing count. For 36 years, fresh cut daffodils have been sent to media across North America to announce the kick off of Victoria’s annual Flower Count, with the final tally proudly announced to all at the end of Flower Count week.

How to count

  •    Small tree full of blossoms =  250,000 blossoms
  •    Medium tree full of blossoms =  500,000 blossoms
  •    Large tree full of blossoms = 750,000 blossoms
  •    Small Heather bush = 500 blossoms
  •    Medium Heather bush = 1,000 blossoms
  •    Large Heather bush = 2,000 blossoms

How Many Blooms are Counted?

In 1976, over 130 million blooms were counted. By 1996, with a growing population and more community participation, that figure rose to over 4 billion (4,220,401,563 blooms). 2002 broke new records with an amazing 8.5 billion blooms, but so far 2010 is our reigning best bloomin’ year with 21 billion flowers counted!

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