Last chance to visit the Royal London Wax Museum

3748110383_70ee88aca8The Royal London Wax Museum in Victoria is closing it’s doors on September 19th, 2010.

This weekend is your last chance to visit the Royal London Wax Museum,  it is a journey into the pages of time. The museum documents a myriad of events through some three hundred historical personages from early to contemporary times. Through its objects, artifacts, likenesses of pivotal personages, scenarios and multi-media exhibitions, all visitors will have a meaningful opportunity to see history come alive.

The “World of Wax” originally opened in 1961 in a street level location of the Crystal Garden at the corner of Belleville and Douglas. Displaying some ninety figures, this attraction establish North America’s first exhibition of Josephine Tussaud wax figures from England. In April of 1971, Canada’s 13th Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John George Diefenbaker, officiated at the museum’s grand re-opening.

In Year 2000, the Royal London Wax Museum has an inventory of some 300 wax figures that have been sculpted in England, the most recent of which is “The woman of the Century”. Decades of enhancements have gone well beyond the simple accumulation of wax figures. The multi-faceted “World of Wax” experience has been magnified not only through audio-visual technologies, but also through complementing displays such as the Crown Jewels Theatre, the World War I Field Surgical Hospital Kit, the thousand year old piece of cedar, replica sword of Genghis Khan, and original opera chairs crafted in 1987 for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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