Victoria Poutine Week

Poutine, Can’t visit Canada with out it! by Quinn Dombrowski

Date:  October 19th until October 27th
Location: Various downtown locations

This 2nd Annual fundraising event is in support of Mealshare. Chefs are challenged to create unique poutine creations for the week from traditional to creative. Each meal that is purchased provides a meal for youth in need through the Mealshare program so enjoy your guild free poutine!

Bateman Master Artist Seminars

Robert Bateman by Acadia University

Date:  October 17th to 21st @ 8:00am to 5:00pm
Location: The Parkside Hotel & Spa at 810 Humboldt St.

This once in a lifetime seminar will give you one on one time with world renowned artist Robert Bateman. He will discuss his ideas and techniques that make for a successful art piece. This is not a typical studio-style painting class, but a spoken lecture and powerpoint seminar. He is an entertaining speaker with many stories and inspirations shared throughout his talks.

Art Battle Victoria

Date:  September 14th @ 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Location: Victoria Event Centre @ 1415 Broad St.

This must see event gives artists 20 minutes to make blank canvases beautiful art to be judged live by the audience! With 12 artists with 3 rounds and 1 champion all art lovers will have a great night. All works of art are then available via silent auction.

BC Long Weekend Market

Victoria Inner Harbour on the evening of Symphony Splash by Tony Sprackett

Date:  August 3rd to 6th @ 10:30am to 10:30am
Location:  Victoria Downtown at Inner Harbour

One of Victoria’s busiest weekends of the year will have over 120 artisans and crafts people will fill the inner harbor over the weekends 3 days. The crowds of people will increase by tens of thousands with the Syphony Splash crowd on the 5th.

Fringe + Fluevog: Benefit Party & Program Launch!

Fringe Poster w/Fluevog

Date:  August 2nd @ 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location:  John Fluevog Shoes at 566 Johnson St.

“Grab a hot-off-the-press Fringe program guide and get a new pair of shoes (or two!)”

50% off of all shoe sales and donations of the night all go to benefit the Intrepid Theatre. This is a casual drop in event so go anytime and toast Fringe and the staff of Victoria’s John Fluevog Shoes.